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Pharmacy Services

A Full-Service Pharmacy

Sam’s Health Mart Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that specializes in your health. We offer fast, courteous service in a modern and inviting atmosphere. We also give you conveniences for filling your prescriptions you can use everyday such as free delivery and mail service, and a drive up window.

We employ pharmacists that are trained to give immunizations and perform medication reviews. Our staff can also help you with selecting the right brace or support for an injury and guide you to the best solution for preventing falls in the bathroom.

Our billing specialists will file your claims not only for your prescription medications but also for your Medicare or Medicaid-covered nebulized breathing medications and diabetes testing supplies.

And Sam’s Health Mart also utilizes the latest technologies to help ensure your prescriptions are filled efficiently. And the time we save means our pharmacists have more time to step out from behind the counter to talk to you about your health care needs. So come see us for your prescription needs. You’ll be surprised at just how good a pharmacy can be!