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Fax and Copy Service



Take advantage of the Public Fax at Sam’s Health Mart! Use our number like it was your own. Send and receive your personal faxes with confidence.  It’s cheaper than buying a fax machine and phone line! Just give out our numbers as your personal fax number and tell your sending party make sure your name is on the fax. If a phone number is included, we’ll contact you when it has arrived. If not, we’ll hold it until you come to pick it up.


    • Morley Street – Moberly  (660) 263-2124
    • Highway 24 – Moberly (660) 263-2269
    • Church  Street – Fayette (660) 248-2858

This is YOUR private fax number to give out.

We charge only $1.00 per page incoming or outgoing and 800 numbers only cost you $1.00 total.  International numbers are extra and depend on service.  We never charge for the cover page incoming or outgoing. Minimum charge $1.00. Rates do not include applicable sales tax.