Hearing Aid Sales, Service & Support

Hearing is important.  It is not only our ability to speak, but to hear and understand which separates us from the beasts of the wild.  Hearing is what bridges the gap from interested strangers to close friends and loved ones.  It is when we hear the music that our bodies begin to move and our souls dance with life.  Hearing is important.

 Hearing is Our Passion

And this passion is the driving force of our Practice.  It is reflected in the choices we make with our office, our equipment, our service and our products. As an independent dispenser, we have the luxury of looking at all the manufactures of hearing aids available today and chose the one that we feel best fits with our ideals and provide the best value to our customers. We are proud to have partnered with Starkey Hearing Instruments. Starkey is the largest manufacturer of hearing instruments in the United States.  Their facility located in Eden Prairie, MN is a marvel of modern technology.  From the research facility with over 400 Audiologists, Engineers, and Technicians constantly striving to make real world applicable break-throughs to Starkey’s Center of Excellence, a facility whose only purpose is to give the public access to those researchers who developed the technology so that you, the consumer, are confident that your investment in your hearing instrument will pay off and receive the best fit possible. And Starkey is passionate about hearing as well, and is more than willing to put their money where their mouth is.  The Starkey Hearing Foundation was founded in 1984 and has given away over 1 million hearings aids to people in need all around world.  Armed with their slogan “So The World May Hear”, they are on target to give away another million this decade. They also created the Hear Now program, for only those in the U.S. who lack the resources to acquire hearing aids.  With the Hear Now program, Starkey provides brand new, state of the art aids, while we, the providers, fit and maintain the aids free of charge.